Roy Pittman

Since 1971, the Peninsula Wrestling Club (PWC), a non-profit organization, has promoted the personal development of thousands of young people, from many races and economic statuses. The Peninsula Wrestling Club is sanctioned by USA Wrestling, and has been honored as a "Gold Medal Club", and Roy Pittman is a "Gold" level certified coach, one of only 12 in the United States. All wrestlers that want to learn are welcome to join us.
Our club members range in age from 4 to 18, but it's not unusual for some of our former members to return for a practice or to help coach. Through wrestling, we strive to develop adults who are able to deal with the challenges of everyday life by learning to make the "right" choice. We believe that self-discipline, self-direction, leadership, and sportsmanship teaches our wrestlers to distinguish the difference between happiness and pleasure, and how to deal with adversity and with the "unfair".

FHP Reach Your Goals is a non-profit organization who's mission is to raise awareness on community issues through documentaries and films. we are proud to introduce our start of our latest project, "Going to the mat for Youth" which is a story about Roy Pittman and his years of commitment and positive reinforcement to the City of Portland. Our goal is to launch this project officially November 8th 2008. This project will take place in Portland Oregon. With your financial support we are able to produce this documentary which will raise awareness on the importance of being a positive role model and mentor in communities